How business recycling can save money

Adopt an environmentally friendly approach to bring business benefits

We all know how important it is to adopt green practices, but making a business more environmentally friendly in a challenging economic market can seem daunting. Yet despite any initial reservations you may have, there's actually never been a better time for your company to go green, and recycling can even provide a new revenue stream.

Recycling is big business and, in addition to the significant benefits generated from practices such as scrap metal recycling, adopting a greener aspect in-house can actually raise your profile with your clients.

Simple environmental actions can translate into real cost savings for your business.  If you've got staff make sure they're onboard with the idea and are following your lead.  It's easier than it seems to integrate energy efficient practices into everyday working life and, as an SME owner, you can't afford to ignore the facts - switching off will save you money.

Why you should become more environmentally friendly, including recycling more of your business waste:

  • Complying with legislation that's relevant to your business
  • You'll be acting responsibly
  • You'll save money
  • It's a possible extra revenue stream
  • Customers are increasingly seeking out and choosing to do business with companies that have a strong ethical approach

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